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There is no Right Height. Only You can decide what's a good safe comfortable height for you at the spot your hunting in.
At one hunting spot you may want to be at 12, 14 even 16 feet up, While another hunting spot you may only want to be at 8 or 10 feet high...
A tree stand only gives you a slight edge by keeping your scent elevated and it helps keep you out the deers "Line of sight" BUT sometimes the wind will pull your scent right down to the ground and most deer seem to sense danger and will look right up at you...
so sometimes it doesnt matter if your 2 feet up or 42 feet up it all boils down to YOU the LOCATION and the DEER...

this is why I always say "slow body movements and cover scents are always the most important things" when a deer is in the ZONE...

Good Luck...

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