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I have been at the range with my Triumph 3 times, nice gun. Mine is the same as the one on this post. No scope on it yet. I just put a Mueller 2x7 on my Encore, so will have to save up a few dollars to put one on the Triumph.

Overall I like the Triumph a lot. I get 3-4 inch groups at 50 yards with two Pyrodex 50 gr pellets and the TC Mag Express sabots.

I like the looks, weight, action, and your are right, it is the easiest muzzleloader to clean that I have ever shot, almost zero fowling in the receiver area.

Like I said before, my only complaint is that it will not close with the Win 777 primers. When I called TC all they told me is this is the first report they had about using the Win primers. I like the Remington primers better, I actually think they are cleaner then the Win 777 primers.

When I shoot my Encore, I get a lot of black residue in the receiving area when the use the Win 777 primers, a lot less with the Remington Kleanbore primers.
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