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I totally agree with all the advice you've been given, I'd like to add one thing about the nervousness subject. EVERYONE gets nervous especially at shooting time BUT I PROMISE you, you're going to love that feeling of PRIDE when you harvest your first Deer...
Just imagine you come dragging a deer behind ya and maybe your Dad see's you first, he comes running to greet you and he's smiling bigger then ever that's not just a happy smile son, that's a Proud Smile too, then you see your Mom and she's wearing a bigger smile than your Dad had, it's not just a happy smile that's a proud smile as well,, your brothers, sisters, friends, neighbors, all with that same smile, people you don't even know are going to congratulate you and even they will have that same smile.
Now please REMEMBER,,, we LOVE seeing pics and I can't wait to see yours.

Good luck

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