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Tips for Bow Hunting

Most Archery seasons will be starting soon so now is the time to make sure you're ready and have everything you need for a successful hunt.

These are just my personal tips and what I do to prepare for the bow season.

make sure you have everything you need including snacks to carry you thru a long hunting day.

My BowHunting supply list.

Hunting License w / ARCHERY TAG
Bow and Bow hanger for my stand
Arrows / Broadhead equipped
Camo clothing including gloves, hat and face cover.
Hunting Stand / Portable Climber
Snack foods.
Calls and Rattling horns (just in case)
Scents / Cover, Lure and Scent away to spray my clothing.
Safety Pin ... I use the pin to attach my Tag to the Deers Ear
and lastly Medical needs. My partner is a diabetic, MAKE SURE you take care of your medical needs as well..

I always scout a lot before I hunt an area, scout for All the basics,, You're looking for as much sign as you can find, Tracks, droppings, scrapes, rubs, runs, feeding and bedding areas as well.

When you find an area that has a good amount of sign, then you KNOW you're in a good spot to hunt. NEXT Determine the location for your stand keep WIND in mind you don't want to set up in a spot thats going to blow your scent all over the area you expect the deer to show up. try and get the wind in your face. Once you decide on where to set up your stand,, Pace & mark some places where you know you can get a good shot from your stand 10, 20, 30 and 40 marks... I use Constrution ribbon.

If you follow all of that you'll have everything you need and you'll be in a great location. The Deer won't smell you, your belly wont be growling and you'll be ready to harvest your trophy.

Good Luck to everyone on a Safe & Successful Archery season.

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