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Cows and Deer

I only have a couple of pieces of land I can hent here in the Flinthills of KS, and trust me I am not complaining. I have taken some nice deer here, and shot my biggest buck last year. My favorite place to hunt is about 100 yards off of a great timber funnel, I would love to get in there and hang a stand or two, but the owner on the other side of the fence wont let anyone hunt. I am surrounded by non-hunting neighbors and have a little honey hole, with lot's of activity.... at least until a couple of weeks ago. The land owner behind me (in between the timber and me) decided to run 16 cows in the field. My stand deer sightings have dropped to almost nothing until last night. I know they are comming up in the middle of the night to my deer co-caine and the corn feeder that is on my property. So they are not to concerned with the cows, but they are no longer moving during legal hunting hours. I have never seen this pattern before in the five years of sitting in these stands, and wonder what do you think about the effect of cows on deer? I have hunted on dairy farms before with greeat success, and many farms around here run a lot of cattle at different times throughout the year. But this one has me stumped. I know, warm temps and the rut will kick them nocturnal, but is that the only thing going on? This is the first time cows have been on his land, and didn't know if anyone had any insight on how long before the deer would ignore them and get back on track. I did have 2 bucks come up lastnight (small 6pt, and a nice 8pt) and a couple does, but this is the first sighting in a few trips.... until AFTER DARK! your thoughts?

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