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A tidbit on why these big companies are now noticing

This guy made a post on bow slings on the 15th.. In only 2 days google ranked us at #21 for the keyword "bow slings". Which is what people would want to rank for if they are selling these bow slings.


If you type in his whole product name we are already #1 and 2. Chameleon Slingz Bow Slings - Google Search

Thats why sites like ours are able to sell advertising or exchange gifts for ad space. Search engines respect us.

Type in "scent elimination" in google and see what pops up. You would think one of the million of scent eliminaiton companies that are out there. Nope wrong answer. We are #1. And that sponsored ad above us. There is only one and that is a paid listing that will be coming down as soon as those guys get tired of paying money. scent elimination - Google Search

Keywords "scent elimination tips" same thing... #1. And people wonder why Wildlife Research gives us items for a Christmas giveaway? We give back.

I love this topic.. It cranks my tractor!!

And on another note.. We ain't selling! Im in it for the long haul. No matter what these bigger sites offer. Their worried. They are having to share their business. There is finally a site out there that actually tries to benefit everyday hunters. I dont promise giveaways that never happen. We are not building your mom and pops web site. We are building a company that is going to stick around awhile.
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