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Checked it out and found the majority of his posts where made to sell his products. That is considered spam and is illegal to do so. Our classified section is for your everyday hunter that wants to get rid of extra or unwanted gear. Not for a start up company trying to make a sale and build a business. He is making a profit off of our site but in doing so is offering nothing to us or our membership in return.

If this gentlemen would have contacted us first before making his posts we could have worked out a very sweet deal for him and his products to give him maximum exposure at a very cheap rate.

For example donate a couple slings to be given away to our members in exchange for some ad space. That would have given him unlimited access to our sponsor forum to brag, sell, show off any sling he makes.

This site is ran by me. Customer service and all. If you have been around awhile you will know that this site making money is not what I am about. Just check out some of our past giveaways. Companies will donate items to us, we will distribute those items out to our members, and those companies will receive ad space in return. donated a nikon scope, another start up company sponsored our I'll take that Doe" contest with a nikon scope. Wildlife Research donates yearly to our Christmas Giveaway. I do not receive cash from Wildlife for doing that giveaway. They give me the products. We give to our members. I ship it to them.

Its as simple as this. We (the members of built this site that attracts well over 300,000 people a year. How stupid would we be to just let any person in America come in and benefit from our business without first offering our membership something in return. I am not saying "Hey you need to pay me" Im saying "Hey, we built this site that attracts many customers to your product. With our time and money. If you want to benefit from us, make a donation to the cause."

Another example would be if he sent in a couple of his slings to be reviewed. Check out the Team DHC page we are building. If you see a couple guys on there that you would like to review your product send it to them. Let them write a review on it. You still get good exposure at a dirt cheap rate, AND THE MEMBERS OF DEERHUNTERSCLUB.COM benefit from the site that they use, they contribute too, that they call home.

I'm sure this guy is a great dude and makes a good product but business is business. You benefit from us, we benefit from you. Makes the world go round.

Thank you

Mark Freeman

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