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Bear down...

It was looking pretty dismal, but I got this hang up about never giving up. we had 9 baits out and only a couple were being hit and they went cold just before game time.The bear came in to a bait that had not been hit in a night or two. We were not expecting much action. Greg (My friend/partner running the camera) was facing the road in the same tree. We were expecting if a miirical did actually happen, the bear would smell the bait and extra goodys we put out and come from down wind. But he actually came wandering in from up wind down our access trail. When it got directly underneith us it stopped to smell a small spindly tree we had touched before climbing the tree... It smelled the tree upward till it was looking right at us and I am pretty sure it saw us, or heard the camera. It started acting really funny then made a run for it. It turned a corner and jumped over a log. As it passed over the log, the funniest thing happend... A carbon shaft went carreeming through her lungs All that fast shooting practice paid off again!!! I was actually caught a little off gaurd not expecting the bear to come the way she did. So my bow was aiming the wrong way along with the shooting mechinisim (Me) So when the bear bolted the mechanisim spun around and drew instantly 8) I don't remember the shot, But I do remember watching the lumenoc sail right through the boiler room :D The video footage is awesome!!
It was probably just a little shy of 150 pounds...

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