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Default My wife likse this one..

Speaking of the pentagon,

They were looking for a new super secret spy, so they posted the job, took aplications. interviewed, tested, and finaly got it narrowed down to two men and a woman,
They called them all in one at a time.
First guy comes in they hand him a gun and say "we need to make sure you're totally commited, your wife is in the next room. You need to shoot her" He hands the gun back, and say's I'm not interested. and walks out.
Second guy comes in and is topld the same thing. He takes the gun, walks into the next room, and a couple minutes later comes back crying, says I just can't do it, and leaves.
The woman comes in they hand her the gun tell her they need to make sure she's totally commited, and that she needs to shoot her husband in the next room. she grabs the gun walks into the next room and starts fireing before the door is even closed. It's quiet for a minute, and then they hear furniture breaking, and a huge scuffle.
A minute later she comes out dripping sweat, and out of breath. they ask her what happened, and she says "Darn gun was full of blanks, had to beat him to death with the chair."

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