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As far as the Rage broadheads, here's my thoughts as this is only my opinion. I got to see two broadside shot deer hit with Rage 3 blades, massive entry holes and smaller exit holes. Both deer piled up with-in 40 yds. I think where the mechanical broadheads may prove to be less effective than a good replaceable blade broadhead is when marginal hits take place and some bone is contacted, I'm not refering to ribs. Personally, I think the energy is used up immediately upon contact with bone and thus less penetration takes place wih mechanical broadheads. I think the Muzzy MX3 does a better job when a less than ideal shot is made. Poor shots are poor shots and its everyone's duty to make killing shots, but like me bad things do happen and only the best broadhead should be used. I probably will return to Muzzy products for next year.
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