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Angry it would buy 300 bil

it would buy 300 billion in Treasuries and a tilrlion in GSE debt, the index dropped about 2% in a matter of minutes, if I recall correctly. And the dollar index has continued to fall for the last six months.Even if the Fed and Treasuries strategy wins, part of the result will likely be a lower standard of living for Americans as the dollar weakens and the standard of living of workers in countries supplying us (like BRICK countries) increases. In my opinion, our best hope for the future is to hope that the FED and Treasury are successful and that the new Energy plan (based on the Picken's Plan) that is now in committee in Congress is passed. Moving from reliance on foreign oil to a higher percentage of reliance on domestic natural gas and other energy sources is a necessary transition to avoid being crushed in the peak oil energy shortage that began to hit in 2007 and 2008 when oil demand started to exceed world oil production of something like 85 million barrels a day. A move toward energy independence will significantly help our balance of payments, make us more secure without increasing the need for military spending, create jobs and probably be good for the environment. If we don't solve the energy problem, our economy is doomed and housing prices will be the least of our problems because we'll be back to the horse and buggy era. The irony then will be that buggy whips will make a come back as the new hot investment opportunity. Rate this comment: 0 0

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