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You won't Believe the tight patterns.


Last Year I started testing the standard Dixie Slugs brand 3 inch Tri-Ball II buckshot loads through may 870 Express with a 26" barrel. Using a Briley extended Full choke tube (.695 exit diameter), three consecutive shots at a measured 40 yards put all 9 of the .60 caliber pellets into a 6.5 inch pattern! Better yet the pattern centered just 2 inches above the point of hold using just the bead and vent rib for sights!

This year, I tried some of Dixie's new Tri-Ball III buckshot. This is a 3.5" 12 bore load with three 315 grain hardened lead .60 caliber pellets. The velocity increased from 1050 fps from the 3" Tri-Ball II to just under 1200 fps with the 2 1/4 ounce payload. In my 870 Express Super Mag with a 26" tube and the same Briley choke the patterns were even tighter. Some as tight as 3 inches at a measured 40 yards. Although most patterns hovered just under 5 inches. The crazy thing is this load also hits just above the point of aim with the bead on the vent rib barrel!

This load ought to slap down any buck or hog running in the thick stuff. This has got to be the biggest most penetrating buckshot load ever stuffed in a 12 bore hull.

This is the tightest full choke pattern fired at 40 yards on an 8" bullseye.
The worst patterns were not much larger.

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