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yes i would invest in covering my scent. alot of hunters may not agree with that. but for me personally when i started concentrating on covering my scent i very rarely get busted anymore. last year the only deer that caught me was prob at least 4 and half years old and was definitly a big old buck. looked like a cow. he was 40 yds away and directly upwind from me so thats the only reason i got caught. joel also made a good point with practicing shooting alot. i understand you being nervous. even us hunters that have been doing this for awhile still get a nervous rush every time we see deer. thats what makes it so fun. dont be surprised if you get "buckfever" when you see your first few deer. your knees will be shaking and you will feel like your going crazy trying to be still and not spook the deer. we have all done it. after i shot my first deer with a bow i shook for what seemed like 20 mins. and i was about 25 yrs old at the time. its a rush thats why there is a ton of hunters out there doing this every year. man i love hunting!!!!
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