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In my opinion, If you're going to dip/chew, you may as well cook up a pound of bacon and fill yer pockets too because
the only ones that think it's ok to dip/chew are the ones that do it.
When I was a smoker I thought the same way about my smoking, I never thought about how bad the smoke/odors
was affecting my hunts until I quit and now I see way more wildlife than I ever did.
Sorry to all you guys that do it but If a new hunter asks me if it's ok to dip/chew while he's hunting, I still have to answer
No because of the Deer's No-Fail nose. sorry guys but that's my opinion.

To those that do it I hope you all find a way to kick the habit not just for the hunt but for your good health as well.
Good Luck Guys.

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