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I don't think all "NEW" hunting things are necessarily gadgets..
A good example might be,,, a person that can't walk for great distances or stalk may opt for a treestand to increase his or HER odds.. I personally don't want to use a treestand because I don't like the feeling of being confined to just one tree or one hunting area...

Everything manufactured solely for the purpose of hunting has a use and a user, just because it's made doesn't mean we ALL need it.
When I see something new for hunting that might be considered a manufactured gadget, I start trying to analyze why they made it and who was it targeted for..... Maybe it was designed for someone that's handicapped or physically challenged in some way.. PERSONALLY, I'm still waiting for them NEW "Round The Corner Arrows" those are the ones that allow you to shoot that Deer thats standing just around that big ole Oak tree and refuses to come into the "ZONE" NOW that's what i'm waitin on.... LOL
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