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Originally Posted by BennyV View Post
I have an opportunity to go hog hunting in AL this spring. Any words of wisdom/ advice?

Thanks in advance!
I took this off a site a few months ago for a friend of mine.
There are lots of wild boars where I deer hunt.
Everyone says the big boars are not fit to eat. Surely there has to be a way to prepare them and get rid of the rankness?! All I can find is to soak in red wine, or ice water & vinegar& lemon juice for several days. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

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Try killing the animal by surprise. Put out feeders and shoot them at night it is legal. It is here in Texas, there are not limits on hogs and no restrictions on means used to take them. If the animal is busy eating his corn and not stressed when you poleaxe him, his meat will most likely be great. If you scare him by running him with dogs or he is on the run, I'd pass on shooting him unless you want 150 lbs of dog food.

Cooking Meat: Preparing wild Boar meat, wild boar meat, wild boars


Hope this helps!

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