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Wow, some touchy folks. A little advice, don't read too far into things. I was not saying tracking is superior to stand hunting or still hunting I apologize for the assumption. I am referring to the blatant baiting that occurs here in the UP, it disgusts me frankly to even call that hunting. I live up here and have to deal with guys coming in and throwing their bait piles out after driving their 4 wheelers in. But my post was not meant to delve into that topic, all I wanted to do was potentially contact a guy who hunts out of a camp generally in the area I hunt also, and still hunters to boot. Not many hunt like that anymore.

As for the legitimate question to what to do with no snow. I also heavily scout and find spots to sit on big buck sign when I have to. If I have to sit all day then that's what it takes. If it is rainy out, I'll still hunt but I don't like to just wander the woods hoping to run into a buck if I can help it. I prefer tracking but you have to take what the weather gives you.
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