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Ice rider welcome to the site. You have ask a very broad question so I will give a rather broad reply. I don't think you need to have a lot of gear to hunt deer. There are some things that will help but are not totally necessary to be successful.

Start with the basics like locating areas that hold deer. Sounds like you are familiar with the areas there so put on the boots and take the boys out for a scouting mission. Look for the sign: droppings, track, trails, rubs scrapes and deer you jump. Look for what is important to the deer namely food and cover. Look at the geography and topography along with the man made things like clear cuts and fields.

Put all this info on a map of your hunting area and see if any patterns pop out at you. I use a GPS to note all this and when I get home I down load it to my computer and study the maps, then I set some waypoints on the areas that I want to hunt then select where to place the stands.

There is nothing more important to me than knowing the area I hunt inside and out. Nothing will replace getting in the woods and walking around and taking notes as to what you see.

When hunting you have to be aware of the wind direction nothing will bust you quicker than a deer that's down wind. After the wind selecting a stand site whether it's on the ground or in a tree is important. You want a stand that breaks up your outline and conceals your movement. i used to think that I had to be pefectly still but that is not the case. If you are high enough in a tree or have a ground setup that conceals your movement you will do fine.

You do have to put in the time on the stand. I don't think many hunters stay long enough in the stand. I also am not so sure anymore that it is absolutely necessary to get in the woods before daylight all the time. I have had many a great hunt that i didn't get to the stand until 10 or 11 but I stayed all day. Evening hunts have been the best for me lately.

I know I'm rambling but you asked.

Good luck to you and your boys.
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