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its a "who is the master" thing i believe. there can only be one. and they are thought of as a tool by many. that said it seems inhuman not to play with a dog and treat it as part of the family. I think you as the master can do pretty much whatever you want and the dog should submit. maintaining the master dog relationship

with my bird dogs i'm the only one that does anything with them in the field. I tell them what to do, I praise them or scold them, get the bird from them, lead them and so on. this has lead to issues at home cause they won't listen to anyone else in the house. makes for remarks like "will you tell your dogs to go lay down". but in the field it helps because they listen to me..........most of the time. there is no way i would leave them kenneled up as most of the real dog handlers would do, not here with these brutal winters.

We had good dogs and dogs that weren't so good. seems they get traded, bought and sold with little regard. perhaps thats another reason for limiting the house dog thing. there is a culture all its own in coon hunting.

seems any working or sporting dog is treated as more of a tool than a family member. sled dogs, rabbit dogs, bear dogs, bird dogs, all of them are tools. now thats not being negative, you wouldn't leave your circular saw out it the rain or throw it from the roof. ideally you treat your tools well and with care, as well as not let the kids play with them.

i remember coon hunting is where i learned to duck really fast. i'd hear that swish sound and i'd tuck and roll. those limbs come at ya in a hurry.

only my thoughts on it.
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