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wounded deer in archery

i have hunted for 12 years and today was a sad day. I shot a doe with its fawn and broke its back. I put another arrow in its chest and went to the house for an hour to give the deer time. By the time i got back the deer was still crawling. This was a very disheartening sight. I reluctantly had to knock it out with a rock before i cut its throat because it was trying to nip at me. This has never happened to me in the past. When i gutted the deer both lungs were shot through. Cutting the throat was a very cruel BUT ethical way to dispatch this deer. I had two friends with me while i was doing this. They both refuse to bow hunt again ever!!!! I will cointinue to bow hunt because that is the nature of the beast. The only reason i am talking about this is because i want other hunters to be aware of evry possible situation dealing with wounded deer. Although it may make you feel differently about hunting, it shouldnt make you stop hunting altogether. Dispatch the animal as fast as possible. SOme grief and dispair maybe.
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