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TG. They have to be trained.

Ronn. We didnt shoot the one the other night. But will. Especially around my house and my bro-in-laws place. Coons got my chickens earlier this year and ripped open a couple of bags in the feed room. (in the same night) Im out to get all the varmints from around my house. Bro-in-law always has problems with them too.

Also curious about some things ronn. You hear some folks say to not let your kids pet/be overfriendly with your hunting dog because it will ruin them. Do you agree with that. And also does that go for the dog owner as well. Some of the big coon hunters you read about online claim you cant be too nice to your dog. (love it to death etc) In their eyes a good coon dog knows when its time to hunt and when its time to play. I understand why you leave them put up, but havent figured out what would be wrong with the kids going out to feed and pet it for a minute a couple times a week. Whats your thoughts on it and how did ya'll do it when you were chasing coons in TN?
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