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I have been hunting for about 12years and I have always used Leupold scopes. My 7mm mag has a Leupold VX II on it. I have shot rifles with bushnells and other scopes, but most have had problems in low light conditions, eye relief, or clarity of the lens.

About 2-3 yrs ago my dad bought a Nikon Monarch for his 7mm Ultra mag. I was helped him sight it in and thought it seemed like a very nice scope. After shooting his, I grabbed my gun to pop off a few shots to make sure I was still on.....however, I never shot.... Looking through my scope, the target was very dark... I went back and forth looking through the two different scopes and was completely impressed by the Nikon Monarch. Clarity was amazing, eye relief was unbelieveable, and the brightness in the low light of the holler we were shooting in was unparalleled. I still love Leupold, but as soon as it is time for me to have a new scope, I will be looking hard and heavy at Nikon products. The price range is fairly reasonable, but sometimes it doesn't hurt to stretch your budget just a bit for a product that will last you for a long time and perform perfect every time.

My vote is find a good Leupold or Nikon
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