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Here is what I do to get the gaminess out. I soon as I shoot and remove the hams and backstraps(it does work with dethawed frozen meat as well), I put them in a cooler and salt em down(a lot of salt). Next I cover the meat with ice until there is about 3 inches of ice over the meat. Once the ice melts to water(usually about 12-24 hrs), I repeat the process again. This draws a WHOLE lot of the blood out of the meat and the meat doesn't taste salty at all. You can pretty much cook it however you like at this point and it will taste great. I have only had one person turn there nose up at my venison and he said that it taste good, but he didn't like it because of the idea of eating deer. Go figure.

My buddy soaks his meat in vinegar and ice over night and he swears it not only takes the gamey taste out but also makes the meat more tender. However I have never tried this method. One because salt is so cheap, and also because my method has worked so good in the past.

If you try either of these methods, let me know what you think.

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