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I love this subject. Deer tastes like deer so trying to make it taste like beef is tough to do. I cook most of my deer roast/neck meat in a pressure cooker with garlic, onions, salt, pepper, and some soy sauce. I cook it for 30 minutes de-pressurize and add veggies and bring the cooker up to steam and shut off. When done you would have a hard time knowing it was deer and tender enough to use only a fork. I do like to grille steaks and will use tenderizer for 24 hrs in the fridge prior to cooking. Again soy, garlic, bacon rapped, any comercial tenderizer. You can do the tenderizing then put into a pan on the stove brown and add gravy and slow cook. Put this over rice and the family should love it. Any deer on the grille should not be over cooked or it will be tough. Hope this helps
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