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I responded to you TG during the 1st quarter of the game about what time and channel but I think during that server changeover we lost a couple posts that were made that afternoon.

I had to go to work before that ARK and GA game came on so I missed out on that one.

TN has 2 losses now. But I thought our coaches did a fine job against FL to limit the mistakes our QB could make. I feel sorry for the dude. Alot of pressure on the QB position at TN right now. It was a good Saturday for football though cuz USC got beat----------------->>> by Washington!!! That made my season right there. That and the fact that TN knocked the dookie outta James and Tebow a couple times. That hit in the end zone on James (FL wide receiver) was outstanding.. Ill see if I can find a video of it.. I threw my sausage biscuit at the TV and yelled loud enough Bruce could have heard me in Vermont on that play.
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