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i know from expearaince being disabled sucks. acording to the VA i am a 40% disabled vet. these disabilitys have posed many different challanges for hunting but no obsticals that cant be beaten by deturmination and help from friends. that dont mean my friends did it all for me. maybe if you tell us the nature of your disability we can make sugestions as to ways to get around it. also dont feel bad for your self. beleave me it only makes things worce. also look at your state dept of fish and game for things that can help you. for example one of my injerys is a messed up sholdier. this made it hard to draw a bow. i talked to my dept. of fish and game and found out that the had a permit that would alow disabled hunters to use a cross bow derring bow season. i aplyed for it and got it. the stuff you need is out there, and we are hear for morril support. good luck, and god bless.
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