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I don't mean to start trouble here,but I think I have to say something.I know being disabled has to be a serious problem.But,my brother is paralyzed from the waist down due to an accident a few years ago.Do you want everybody to feel sorry for you?I mean you say you can't believe no one will GIVE you anything.Should they?And why?I realize what you have must be hard to deal with.But come on,quit felling sorry for yourself.My brother hunted and fished all his life and still does.It's not easy but he doesn't give up and expect everyone to GIVE him everything because he is disabled.Don't give up on yourself!You CAN do it.I wish you nothing but the best.It may be harder now but it can be done.Check out this site. Wheelin’ Sportsmen | Resources for Hunters and Anglers with Disabilities.
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