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Need Advice -- Too Many Deer

We live on 5 acres -- kind of suburbs, but the acreage around me on 3 sides is undeveloped -- about half wooded. So, the deer have plenty of places to live, but no one is hunting. We have dozens of deer.

The deer are eating everything. This year we had a very late freeze which killed all of the flowers on the oak trees. There won't be mast this year, so devastation from the deer will be especially bad this year.

A few years ago, I invited a friend to hunt. He put up a tree stand came out a few times and shot 7 deer. He got a divorce and had other problems -- so he didn't come back.

Last year another friend put up a tree stand but only came out a few times. He seemed interested in shooting a trophy buck, while I was just interested in eliminating most of the deer.

So, I'm looking for advice. I need some kind of plan to shoot the deer (someone else to shoot -- not me). I live in a place where guns cannot be discharged. Deer must be hunted with bows or cross bows.

One hunter isn't enough to take care of my deer problem -- we have dozens. There is a time period where does have no limit -- I guess because we are covered up.

By now, you probably realize that I'm not a hunter -- never hunted a day in my 57 years.

Are any of you familiar with folks who allow friends to come hunt for individual weeks. I was thinking about putting up a tree stand and inviting friends to shoot all of the deer they care to shoot for specific weeks in the season.

I'm just looking for a few ideas -- have any?

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