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Angry Has Anyone Ever Had A Fishing Trip Like This....

Well I had so much fun catchin those cats the other night that me and my mother decided to head to the coast to do some salt water fishing this weekend. We took the 19ft sea pro and headed out.

Well I knew the trip was off to a bad start when I almost lost a support tire off of the trailer when putting the boat in. It was floating on top of the water and I had to fish it back out(little did I know that would be about the only thing I would be fishing out of the water this day). The boat area had no parking spots (figures) so my mother drove the truck and trailer back to the house while I drove the boat to the dock to pick her up. We were under the EI bridge trying to catch some sheepheads when all of a sudden the tilt and trim on the motor just started going crazy. The boat wasn't even cranked up and the motor kept going up and down by itself. It finally raised all the way up and made a loud screeching noise and started smoking. So we unplugged the battery cables and kept on fishing for a while. ONLY CAUGHT ONE FISH THE WHOLE DAY!!! Mom caught that one and I stuck out so we headed in only to find that the motor was now stuck in a midway position. We looked like idiots popping a wheelie the whole way back to the dock. LOL Then to top it all off I ran over one of the PVC poles on the boat lift.....but wait it even gets better. As I was putting the boat up in the air ONE OF THE DARN CABLES BROKE. Can you believe it? We had to take the boat out of the water since the lift was no good and there was too much wake from other boats to dock it off.

At the end of the day I just told mom, "well we may not have been hell on the fish today....but we sure were hell on the equipment".

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