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The last few years I've been lucky enough to go on some exotic hunts through my job to some very nice ranchs with very nice lodges and such and they have been great fun.I've spent my whole life that I can remember going hunting thanks to my dad.Right now today I get the most enjoyment hitting the open woods(national forrests) with nothing but my shotgun and my trusty ole compass.Getting a wary deer hunting on his terms is the most satisfying feeling I can think of ever having.Thats about as cheap as the sport can get.This year I'm venturing into the sport of bowhunting.I purchased my bow on e-bay for $51 shipped to me.Spent about another $150 on accesseries and I'm ready to try it.That seemed reasonable to me also and gives me another whole month in the woods doing what I love.It will be a lot cheaper next year-maybe a few arrows and another target.The price of hunting license and all the tags (they come up with more every year ti seems) is kinda high but affordable for being my hobby of choice.If I couldn't get on the water or into the woods on a regular basis I think I'd lose my mind.But maybe I already have.LOL

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