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I used chantix to quit. it worked for me. this comming January will be two years for me. I know its a twelve week program but I only took it for three weeks and was still able to quit. I quit taking it early because of the side effect I was gitting. it was making me realy irratable and extreemly snappy to the point my wife has got a dashhound (wiener dog) that I never did like but anyways that dog did something one day that was realy stupid ( normaly I would have never thought nothing about it ) and I picked it up and something come over me all i wanted to do was kill that little dog but I didnt hurt it in any way once I reallized my mind state I put the dog down and told my wife I realy wanted to kill her dog. but anyways we got into the conversation of how the chantix was effectimg my mood and then I desided to quit taking. but I do know that it was in the news that people were killing their selfs that were on chantix. is some mean stuff but if you can tuff out the side effects it surely sould work for you. good luck to ya
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