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I'll play...

While hunting takes up my fall, winter, and April the rest of the year I split up with fishing, golf, kayaking, camping, dirtbike riding, Jeepin, and soon to be mud drag racing.

I am currently building an s10 mud drag truggy in my garage. My wife now hates me, and I've spent all my coin on parts that will never be seen...but it will be noisy. It will have a decently built BBC with a shot of the boost juice. Four paddle tires will hopefully let me float over the deep pits they have over here.

What is the specs on your BII?

Here's some pics of my trail jeeps:

This is my old one...RIP.

And the "new" one: I guess I don't have any recent pics on this computer, but here's what I started with:

The s10 is still in the build phase, and currently not recognizable as a vehicle. I will post some pics up after the frame is built.

John Eitzen

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