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Someone in NY please knock TG out.. "Talk show lover"???

Ronn its been copehagen long cut for me for about 10 yrs now.. Can a day or a little more for the majority of that time.. Chantix is a pill. It has to be prescribed. Supposedly the pill attaches itself to the nicotine receptors in your brain therefore not giving you the relief from stress or whatever else it is that makes you want to dip. It also makes the dip taste nasty. Which is amazing to me. They claim the first month on it breaks the nicotine addiction and then 2 months after that breaks the habit. I know folks that quit the dip and the pill after 4 weeks that havent went back to the dip yet.

I had some co workers that have been dipping their whole life. 33 yrs for one of them. They got off of it with the help of the pill. I have tried the patch before with no luck.
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