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Looking back I would have never became a life member.. When I first joined up my thinking was even if I did not get a product to review I would receive the magazine for life.. So it would be worth the money if I lived to a ripe old age.

Then thats when all the stupid books started coming in the mail.. They send you items in the mail and if you want to purchase them you send money back, and if you dont want the item then you send the item back.. Not at all a game I want to play.. The books looked pretty good and the price on the first book was $7.. Cheap enough.. Then the next book was $23. The price was never below $20 after the first one.. I purchased around 6-7 books in 2 months before I finally called them and said do not send any more books.. They said if anymore came in the mail just send them back to which I replied "if another book or dvd comes in the mail it is mine free of charge".

Another one came in like 2 days later and since I knew that it would had probably already been in the mail I went ahead and called and paid for it over the phone and repeated my before statement..

This story is getting to long.. They kept sending books.. I quit paying for them or sending them back. They cut off my magazine subscription.. Which is possibly illegal for them to do.. I checked it out and a homeowner is not responsible for sending items back to companys that mail them out. That would be 1 reason they cannot send my account to collections..

The box they send the life members with all the goodies in it is really a waste as well.. I still have my box with all the goodies still in it untouched except for the first day I opened it.. The only item I received for the life membership that I use is a leather gun carrying case.. Which is nice but not worth the life membership fee.. I reviewed 1 product which was a sample 1 time use packet of buck urine.

Like HM said do not join up with the expectation of reviewing cool hunting items.. And if you do join up tell them to not send you crap in the mail.. Unless you enjoy mailing crap back to folks 2 or 3 times a month..
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