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May 14th 1988, I was a passenger in a Ford F150 that had a bad front U-joint on the front Driveshaft, (but no indication it was bad) after the Joint broke and the shaft collapsed onto the ground at 45 mph the bouncing action caused the shaft to swing back and begin pounding on the undercarriage of the truck at around 45ish mph.. (we were in heavy traffic also)
We burst into flames and at some point the Cab was engulfed in flames to the point where I couldn't even see the Driver... we both managed to bail out, he sooner than I.
During the panic I was struggling with the door handle to open the door When I finally managed to get it opened I stepped up onto the Rocker panel Truck still moving about 35ish mph at that point the truck steered itself over the curb causing me to fall out, On Impact I hit the outside of my left ankle on the curb causing it to relocte my foot from it's actual location to the inside of my left calf, quite painful.
Knowing the truck had 2 saddle tanks both full of fuel, I feared the truck exploding near me where I lay on the ground So I jumped to my feet and tried running away but couldn't run very good with just one foot.
Long story short I ended up in the hospital with 33% of my body burned with 3rd Degree burns on both of my legs and left arm. The Hospital immediately contacted an orthapedic expert who was on vacation in Europe and asked him to return home due to the severity of my ankle/foot,, the surgeons available couldn't decide the best way to handle my ankle without causing more damage to it, they couldn't cast it because of the burns...
I was a total mess.. I spent 37 days in the Hospital recovering. The burns all healed but the scars are a constant reminder of the pain I had to endure to survive. My Doctors said it was a good thing I was in such good shape and had trained as a Golden Gloves boxer around that time,, otherwise the pain would have probably taken it's toll..
All these years later I'm doing as good as expected I guess.
The ankle never healed properly and my Talus bone was shattered which lost most of it's blood supply. (I can tell ya when a storms coming)

I don't know if there's a good way to choose to Die But I can tell ya from experience, nothing compares with the (constant) pain and suffering from Burns.

And a lot of people frown on Hunters using 4 wheelers during the hunting seasons, hopefully this sheds some light on why a hunter may need the assistance of a 4 wheeler at times.

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