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130 Grain Works

As a new hunter in 2008 I settled on a .270 Ruger (.270 my choice, Ruger the brand my wife surprised me with for Christmas. Nice clean weapon). I shoot 130 Grain Remington Core Lokt. I've heard that you need to try different brands and types to see which one your weapon likes. I need to try some others. Though I can't afford Hornady I like the Ballistics on it. I am having trouble sighting in my weapon, sighting in my M-16 was easy, I can't figure why my clover leafs are all over the paper. I can tell you that a 130 Grain will knock down a doe at 440 yards and go clean through the neck. I will probably never take that shot again for fear of wounding a deer, but I'm convinced it will do all that I need it to do.

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