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I've found a compromise in the way I go about spending money on my hunting needs. I've fabricated a "rig" that has combined my treestand ladder and deer cart into one item. Granted, it's not exactly high class, but it is functional. I also made my treestand blind out of camo fabric at a cost of $2 a yard. I use a pole from my ground blind to hang it. Again, not totally sophisticated, but functional.

I find this "hunting on a budget" to be part of the challenge. But this thought comes from a guy that goes hunting on a honda rebel 250cc with his gun mounted across his handlebars or strapped to the luggage rack. Yes, it is quite a sight that most would just shake their heads at.

I have noticed a lot of "gadgets" while diving back into this sport. I also feel that hunting is something different to all of us. Whether one chooses to employ remote predator calls or hunt in blue jeans, the great thing is that we're all out there maintaining a heritage and tradition that is productive and enjoyable.
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