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Shot Me A Coon...

Well last night I was just getting into bed around 1 in the morning when I hear what sounds like a cat fight outside my house.. I dont really think anything of it until I hear a similar sound again except for this time it was more like a "Help Im dying sound".. So I throw my boots over my bare feet, grab the 12 gauge and proceed on out to the barn.. The main reason I get up is because Im thinkin maybe somebody didnt close the coop door and some dogs are trying to eat my chickens.. Well I get out there and this stinkin coon is inside my coop climbing the wire.. Its a bloody mess, feathers everywhere, blood everywhere.. So I shoulder the gun and start to ponder if a dead coon is worth blowing a hole through my barn roof if I happen to miss.. I came to the conclusion rather quickly that hole in the roof or not this chicken killer is gonna die.. I pulled the trigger and noticed it had a little extra kick to it.. That kinda stung the old shoulder a little bit.. What kinda shot I got in this gun.. I pushed the shell threw and noticed I had put No 4's in it from when I turkey hunted.. Kinda overkill 10 yards from a coon using that kinda shot..

The coon died.. But so did my 2 mama hens, 1 chick, and probably my best rooster.. I open the chicken coop door and the rooster that I thought was dead laying against the door stood up.. (well kinda, He had a drunk, I got the crap beat out of me walk). When that dude stood up out of a bloody heap I about wet myself..

I am very thankful for 1 thing.. If one of the neighbors would have woken up and drove to my house they would have got a memory to last a life time.. Me standing in the barn with nothing but my drawers on holding a 12 gauge. What would have been even better is if one of those cop cars that have a video in the front of it would have pulled in my driveway.. Then I would have been on T.V. explaining to millions about the coon eating my chickens..

I am also happy to report that there is no massive hole in my barn roof..

Stupid coons...

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