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Onehorse, this is what I am thinking. I too have many servicable firearms for this particular subject, however, when I'm doing home projects the correct tool for the job always seem to work best. When a sledge hammer is needed a 2lb ballpeen just doesn't cut it. I have a 45 and 357 loaded with in reach of the bed, and just the firing of them should deter 99% of unenvitees, but what if that didn't or I couldn't hit what I aimed at because of the dark or just missed. A short barreled 12 ga with 0000 buck will not miss if you intend to end the intrusion. Several manufactures have noticed the market for such a weapon. Here just east of Toledo isn't too bad for high crime, but it will spread as the economy tanks and I thought what would be the (best) home defense weapon/tool for the job? I'm still undecided but am leaning twords one of the new styled home defense 12 ga semi-auto's. This gun would only have one purpose but maybe the most important one of all! I already have the 0000 in stock.
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