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Be careful driving at night.

Sunday Night Esther and I went to pick Phillip up from work. about 300 yards ahead, barely visible in the headlights
we saw what we both thought was a "Person" walking right down the middle of the road.
It was only when we got to about 50 yards away that we could tell it wasn't a person but a "Moose"
walking the yellow lines up the middle of the road BUT at 300 yards and headlights barely reaching it, I would have swore it was a person.

A vehicle "SPEEDING" (doing about 65 in a 40) coming from the opposite direction ended up brushing the side of the moose
causing the cars exterior mirror to to fold up to the drivers side window. "LUCKILY" it wasn't a full impact,
A full impact probably would have killed the moose and possibly the people in the vehicle.
I watched the moose walk off the road back into the safety of the woods. It was a Cow with a live weight of about 750 lbs.

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