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Sad, indeed. There's no way to console a family in that situation. Still, those kinds of things happen much more than they should. The thing is that in most instances, they could and should have been avoided. We all like to say we don't know how something like that can happen, but we all know exactly how they happen... a basic gun handing rule was ignored or forgotten in the ixcitement of the moment. Unfortunately, lots of times the folks involved wind up blaming something or someone other than themselves - for example, suing the gun manufacturers for faulty equipement, etc. Sure, a gun can misfire or a safety can fail, but where was the gun pointed when that failure occurred and who was holding it at the time? The safest gun in the world is still very lethal if not handled properly. Let's all take a lesson from these events and redouble our safe handling techniques - it's time well spent even (especially?) for those of us who have been shooting for longer than we'd like to remember.
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