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Weather. long story

Today we finnaly had some good. good. and I mean good rain come in....ok here's my story...
Today we only have 1/2 a day of school so my mom was going to take me out to lunch at CiCi's Well I knew the it was going to rain or they where forcasting for thunderstorms. At school waiting for my mom the rain came in, and to be honest I am very scared of the dark and lightning and thunder and all that stuff. So woulnd't ya know they power goes off (and comes back on in about 5seconds) and I scream and make a fool outa myself at school but luckly everyone just kinda laughed/giggled a lil and I laughed with them so no biggy. Then school was let out and my mom and I went to CiCi's in town and ate after eatting (all the while it was raining and thundering and stuff) my little sister wanted to go into the GameStop next door and look at the new PlayStation 2 I went with her. Mom stayed inside CiCi's a little while longer just kinda sit and think about after about 5mins of looking in GameStop the power goes out only for about 3 seconds I didn't scream or anything so it was all came over and was looking at the games with us then the power goes of and on off and on off and on (for a total of 6 times) then on the 6th on it stayes we where looking out side there was a small car parked out front and it was litterally rocking back and forth and the wind/rain was blowing in sideways! and I don't mean a little angled sideways I mean like comepletly horizontal sideways...the store owner suggested that we not get so close to the windows and go farther back into the we did....there was a report/rumor that a torndado had touched down...after we assumed it was over (enough to go out side) we went home and we actually had power! I of course felt safer in my own home and the portable buildings from Lowe's blew all the way across the highway (they blew about 75yrds. give or take)! many trees where down and one of the roof's from the nearby chicken place caved in and was evacuated...we have a creek on our property and a cow and calf where stranded and could reach the other cows....but thankfully they both where eventully able to cross. -- I'll post pics later tomorrow...if we have internet...the weather man is calling for more thunderstorms (and I am sorry if my story didn't make sense)

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