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Baby Cataract

Our newest member to the family has a cataract in one of his eyes. We spent yesterday at Vanderbilt and today we are on the search locally to find infant framed glasses. We put a patch over his good eye for about 5 hours a day to stimulate his brain into continuing to use his blurred eye. Docs say we're looking at surgery within a year or so but in the meantime the most important thing is to keep that eye functioning and growing correctly. The glasses are for a stigmatism in that same eye. Worst possible is loss of sight in his right eye.. Best possible is 20/60 in right eye..

Im going to have to teach my boy to shoot left handed.. Maybe he will get my wife's left handedness and be a south paw anyway..

Keep him in your prayers please. Im very leery about putting a baby to sleep for surgery.. I dont care for that idea to much.

If you ever think you have a rough life take a trip to Vanderbilt. When you see some of those young children and loving parents you will appreciate the healthiness that God has given you and yours. There are alot of parents that spend alot of time in a clinic hoping for a cure for their child. Im thankful that ours just has a cataract and the fact that though its rare it can be treated by some of the best eye doctors/surgeons in the world.
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