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I knew when I started this thread that it would draw a great diversity of opinions and imput. To sum up for myself, baiting is different from natural food sources, hunting over them is different from the fact that on natural food sources you must locate them, spend woods time homework, instead of creating a spot and inticing the game to that spot. There is most certainly a greater degree of skill exercized in hunting natural food sources than sitting over a baited spot. Food plots planted to draw deer in for harvesting is baiting and does increase the nutrition for the general herd. In the end whether you choose to bait (where legal) is your/my decision and how others may feel really doesn't matter. However, whether you agree with me or not baiting for harvesting is an easier form of hunting and most would better their skill levels if baiting was ever nationally banned. If you bait and its legal go for it. That's my take! HM
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