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Originally Posted by buckfever View Post
This morning me and a couple of friends are going to start putting a metal roof on my house.. We had some high winds several weeks ago and I lost half my shingles..

One of my problems is my satillite signal for my pc is connected to my roof line.. Im doubting that I can remove the satillite, put down metal, replace satillite in same location.. So i may lose signal until next week when I can get someone out here to adjust it.. I will try my best..

Metal is expensive, especially if you pay somebody to do it.. Any of ya'll put on metal here lately?
I used to install Satillite systems, and actually your dish is not suppose to be attached to your roof. It can be but is not recomended by either Dish or DirectTV. Anyway, you should be able to call them and have that Sat dish re-installed for free so you are getting the best possible signal that you can get. And without a line toner, and monitor your not going to get that yourself.

Your right about metal and expenses, now remember its also very sharp. You will want to have an over hang of 1 finger joint, and did you get drip endges to run along the face boards?

Have a fun day at it, and be safe.

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