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Good story malncoff.

This one I posted back in November, hope nobody minds if I repost it, it true I promise. :)

Here's one, ya’ll ain’t gonna believe this.

My brother and I were hunting together on the last day of the season down off the side of Jump off mountain, it was so steep it would kill us to get down there and when we killed a deer it really killed us to get one out.

When we got down to the level we wanted to hunt we split up and spread out. It's hard to explain but the mountain would kind of stair step down with these level benches and you would go from bench to bench following the drainage valleys.

Anyway the story is brother shot a huge 10 point and it just dropped on the spot. When he got down to it he let out a big rebel yell and I knew by the yell that it was not just any buck but a big buck that he had killed. After he put his kill tag on the antler he was sitting there admiring it when noticed he didn't see any blood or a bullet hole, there was just a big notch out of one of the antlers.

Well he didn't care dead was dead and that was his trophy. He pulled out his skinning knife, rolled the buck over to start to gut it when his trophy kicked him in the leg got up and run my way.

I'm walking towards brother when I see this huge 10 point running my direction. It saw me first and turned and went down the mountain to the next level. The next thing I see is brother running along behind it with riffle in one hand and skinning knife in the other hollering "Which way did it go?”
I just pointed down the mountain and at that moment we hear, bam, bam, bam, WhooooHooo!

Brother didn't even slow down, he just ran off the side mountain. He got to the buck about the same time the other hunter did and hollers "that's my buck". The other guy says "the heck it is I just shot it"

Brother says "that may be but look it's got my tag on the antler” Now you can only imagine the look on this guys face. After a moment of silence the other guy said. "Anyone who can tag one on the run like that deserves the deer"

Apparently brothers shot hit the buck’s antler and knocked him out cold. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
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