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I use optics all the time and I buy the best that I can afford. Hunting in Kentucky, I don't have very long range and the woods are thick, limiting shots to 100 yards or less, only occaisionally 200 - 300 yard shots. I like Burris Optics. I currently have Burris scopes on 2 rifles, Burris signature series binos (10X50), and a Nikon rangefinder that I use bowhunting and rifle hunting. Quality optics in the thick woods is a must for me. The clarity looking through the woods is a definite bonus compared to cheaper versions. Same with the riflescopes. Light gathering capabilities are better, and I see things that I wouldn't have noticed without them. It has made the difference for me several times. I have found that "You get what you pay for". No offense to those that use cheaper optics. It's all in what you prefer, but I won't compromise on optics.

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