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The skunk met his demise but much to my surprise it twasn't his eyes I was a shooting at seems it was the the udder end the one that shoots back. I may of won the battle but the skunk won the war. Going to get mega boxes of baking soda for laundry rinse and something like Arm&Hammer soap first thing in the morning and wash 100 loads of clothes, too bad hunting season is over cause I got a good natural cover scent going on. I'm at a loss as to how to air out the house, what products to use. Cleaning companies I call said we'll get back to you after we do some reshearch. On line suggestions advised putting coffee grounds out and simmering vinegar and scented candles, you can only imagine what all that smells like. Le expresso de vinegair un perfume de la pue. Son left and hasn't returned, ex stopped by with candles and left. Raven and Gunnar have stood by my side the whole time, for once wet dogs smell pretty good.

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