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Originally Posted by wmi View Post
I have been looking into the same thing. So far most have told me a Glock in 40 cal. would be best with a laser grip. Intimidation and put them down power. No bells and whistles just pull the trigger and BOOM!
wmi I carried a Glock 22 for many years as a cop, and can tell you that all Glocks look the same, and only the added laser is the intimidation factor. Glocks are no more intimidating than any other black semi auto handgun on the market.

I have a new Taurus 24/7 OSS DS Tactical 5.25" barrel .45 ACP now if you in a stardown with the suspect him looking at the business end of a .45 ACP is more intimidating than looking down the barrel of a smaller caliber.

As stated above since it is just a "House Protection" firearm the Taurus Judge is a good option. But I personally like the shotgun idea since hearing one rack gets everyones attention and intimidates the boldest of bad guy's knowing that alot of 12 ga its gonna hurt is about to come down on you. Just makes it nice to have the right kind of "Point and Click" device in town.

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