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I know nothing about black tail and can only assume they are similar to whitetail. Its all in the scouting and you are off to a good start. It takes time and lots of boot leather, talking to folks, looking at topos and aerials. Learn all you can about the game you are after. foods, watering habits, habitat preferences, peak movement times and the like. Its been my experience that the F&G officers are quite helpful and are good people to get to know. If you have areas that hold deer and you can't find them during the season, which is normal, you need to start moving outward keeping in mind what their preferences are. Don't be afraid to knock on doors and ask permission to hunt private property. just do so well before the season and wear regular street clothes. be polite even if they get ugly. offer help with the farm and such but feel that one out. the state should have detailed maps of public lands and all the gps coordinates. as you indicated it does take time to get it right and even then there are things that happen to mess you up. learn from those times as well. good hunting.
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